Rating of the best ampoules for stimulating hair growth

Every woman dreams of beautiful, long and healthy hair. Implement this dream is not easy, but there is a way out. Modern cosmetology offers vitamin ampoules, which help to effectively treat hair. With the regular use of which, you can easily bring the curls in order and almost double their growth.

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  • 1st place - L'Oreal Aminexil Advanced
  • 2nd place - Kerastase Densifique
  • 3rd place - Vichy Dercos Aminexil
  • 4th place - Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair Growth Activating Serum
  • 5th place - DiksonPolipant Complex
  • 6th place - INDOLA Innova Specialists Hairgrowth Lotion
  • 7th place - Estel Chromoenergetic complex
  • 8th place - Agafia's first aid kit

Composition and benefits of

Therapeutic ampoules are a concentrated composition of active ingredients, a complex of vitamins, oils and plant extracts. They are quite a powerful drug, so before buying it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Typically, the composition of ampoules for hair growth includes vitamins B, C, E, proteins, keratin, collagen, organic acids. These substances help to restore balance in the skin cells, moisturize dry hair, remove greasy shine.

Keratin has a positive effect on split ends, leveling them. Collagen helps fill the voids in each hair, thus giving strength. Herbal additives make the curls soft and silky.

Nicotinic acid( vitamin B3) is responsible for the color saturation, the consequence of its lack may be the early appearance of gray hair.

After a course of treatment, the head of hearing gets an extra volume, it is easy to comb and styling.

When choosing ampoules it is important that the composition is maximally natural, then the agent not only promotes rapid hair growth, but also saves from falling out, helps to improve curls, give them a healthy shine.

The presence of a large number of chemicals, artificial additives and flavorings can damage the hair structure, making them fragile and dull.

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Ways of using

To buy such ampoules is best in pharmacies after the appointment of a doctor and at the same time strictly follow the instructions, especially if you are prone to allergies.

In addition to specialized ampoules, you can purchase products in the form of oil and water solutions. They cost less, but they have similar useful properties.

The average course of treatment with any such drug is calculated for 1-2 months when used 2 times a week. One ampoule is enough for one application.

The product is applied to damp, clean hair, rubbing the skin with massage movements. The procedure takes 10-30 minutes. For best effect, the head should be wrapped in a warm towel. Active substances quickly absorbed, filling the hair with keratin. The curls become even, they become more shiny.

To wash off the vitamin remedy with the hair or not, you can find out the instructions to the drug. After the procedure, it is better to dry the head naturally, without using a hair dryer.

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Cosmetologists do not recommend using ampoules in their pure form to people prone to allergies. They should be diluted in a natural conditioner or in a normal shampoo. For a single washing of the head, 2-3 drops are enough.

You should not pour all the ampoules into a container with shampoo, since vitamins, when in contact with air, lose useful properties. It is better to add them immediately before use.

Ampoules for hair growth, can be used and in combination with home treatment masks.

Mix in equal proportions egg yolk, honey, aloe juice and concentrated vitamins C and B12.Wear the mask on clean damp hair and leave for 30-50 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

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Today many pharmaceutical companies are engaged in production of ampoules for hair growth. And very often the price of the drug depends on the name of the manufacturer, so when choosing a product, you should not think that an expensive product is better. The main thing is to look not at the name and price, but on the composition.

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1 st place - L'Oreal Aminexil Advanced

Ampoules are designed for growth and prevention of hair loss caused by reduced immunity, stress, seasonal changes and malnutrition.

Thanks to the quality of the composition, the product strengthens and nourishes the hair roots, maintains the elasticity of the scalp, stimulates the production of collagen, improves blood circulation and cleanses.

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It is recommended to apply 2-3 times a week. The contents of the ampoule are applied to the scalp and distributed by massaging movements. After 2 weeks of regular use, the condition of the hair improves noticeably.

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2nd place - Kerastase Densifique

These ampoules are suitable for accelerating the growth and restoration of damaged and brittle hair. Due to the presence of a unique active substance Stemoxydine( 5%) using this agent, activation of stem cells takes place, which are responsible for the regeneration and youth of the tissues.

Group B vitamins normalize metabolic processes, and the texturing polymer envelops each hair, thickening, gluing the flakes and eliminating fluffiness.

After application, the curls are smoothed, get shine, become thicker, get protection from thermal exposure and ultraviolet radiation. To wash out means it is not necessary.

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3rd place - Vichy Dercos Aminexil

Thanks to its components, the product strengthens tissues, strengthening the fixation of hair follicles, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, providing high-quality nutrition of the bulbs. Thermal water and vitamin complex of group B improve the circulation of blood, oxygen and other nutrients.

Usually treatment takes 6-8 weeks.

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4th place - Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair Growth Activating Serum

Serum on plant extracts to prevent premature hair loss. Due to the regular application of the remedy for 24 weeks, stimulation of hair bulbs and activation of hair growth by 22% occur.

Already at week 6, hair loss stops, and by the end of the course, the density of the head of hair increases by a quarter. In this case, no fatty gloss and dandruff.

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5th place - Dikson Polipant Complex

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Ampoules for stimulating growth, restoration and prevention of hair loss, which contain embryonic cells. These unique structures create new healthy cells and trigger the regeneration of damaged tissues.

In addition, the composition is full of vitamins, nettle extracts and wheat germ, which makes the curls healthy, strong and shiny, eliminating cross-section and brittleness.

The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks. To prevent loss, the remedy can be used weekly.

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6th place - INDOLA Innova Specialists Hairgrowth Lotion

This light whey helps to accelerate hair growth, improve thin and relaxed curls, activate metabolic processes in the scalp. It enhances blood circulation, thereby providing a strengthening effect directed against hair loss.

The complete treatment course lasts 24 weeks. Fallout ceases after 6 weeks of use.

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7th place - Estel Chromoenergetic complex

These capsules are more cosmetic. When used alone, they create a lamination effect on the hair, thereby imparting an unreal shine to the locks. For the therapeutic effect, the contents of the ampoules should be mixed with nutrient masks.

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8th place - Agafia's first-aid kit

Domestic ampoules for hair loss, which contain natural oils, royal jelly and plant placenta. The product well nourishes the scalp, slows down loss and fights with dryness and brittle hair.

The course of treatment takes 2-3 months, while the cost of the drug is very affordable.

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