The use of baby Babe Calm for newborns

A cheerful and active kid is the guarantee of calmness and excellent mood of every mother. But what if the baby is practically awake, screams and "knots" with legs? This condition, perhaps, is familiar to most parents and is associated with painful colic caused by the immaturity of the baby's digestive system. To remove unpleasant symptoms and to alleviate the condition of the child will help Babi Kalm - a natural biologically active additive.

Ingredients and pharmacological action
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    The preparation Babi Kalm is a kind of a mixture of 3 oils: dill, mint and anise. Each of them has a number of useful properties due to which:

    • from the intestine of the crumbs come out accumulated gases;
    • stops the painful sensations that were caused by colic and peristalsis in the intestines( strong rumbling of the tummy);
    • destroys "harmful" microbes and possible foci of inflammation in the intestine;

    • normalizes the work of the intestine;
    • stops the process of bloating due to the free exit of "gazik";
    • improves the general condition of the baby: it becomes more calm, sleep improves, digestion normalizes.

    As a concentrate in the composition there is glycerin.

    Being completely natural, Baby Bab Calm is considered absolutely harmless and is intended for babies from birth to 1 year.
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    The only form of the release of Baby Bab is a concentrate for the preparation of drops, which are in dark bottles of 50 milliliters. A special pipette is built in each cap, designed to accurately dispense the remedy.

    Before use in the bottle it is necessary to add boiled water to a special mark.

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    There are several reasons for the prescription of Babi Kalm drops for newborns:

    • various abnormalities of the stomach and intestines;
    • strong formation of gases;
    • bloating;
    • painful sensations in intestinal colic.

    There is an opinion that Babi Kalm is also effective for constipation in newborns, but in this issue there are 2 important points.

    1. If it is a question of periodic "disturbances" of the stool of a child who is breastfeeding, it is important to know that with a properly adjusted process, there can be no question of constipation. If the baby does not go "big" while remaining cheerful and cheerful, it only says that the milk is fully absorbed, and no drugs are not needed.
    2. If the baby is on artificial feeding, constipation can sometimes happen, but the action of Baby Baba is aimed at eliminating spasms and calming the small tummy, so that the baby's stool is normalized. It is important to understand that in this case the drug does not act as a laxative.

    Therefore, do not stand alone, without consulting a pediatrician to give the baby any medicines. After all, only the doctor will be able to identify the true cause of restlessness of the crumbs and designate a remedy that will be effective in each specific case.

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    Instruction for use

    Before the first use of Babi Kalma, it is necessary to pour pre-cooled boiled water to a special mark in order to obtain ready drops in the bottle. Then close the lid and shake gently until the composition is uniform.

    Doctors recommend starting the reception of drops from the Babi Kalm colic to newborns from the age of two weeks - it is during this period that the adaptation of the baby to life outside the mother's tummy ends.

    Before each use, the vial is vigorously shaken, after which the required number of drops is measured with a pipette( usually 10-15).You can give Babi Kalm to a newborn baby from a small spoon or by adding to a bottle.

    For both breastfeeding and artificial feeding, give Babi Kalm a newborn before feeding. It is worth remembering that the drops themselves can not be heated, so that all useful properties of the composition are not violated. Alternatively, you can dip into boiling water a spoon from which the baby takes medicine, or drip droplets into a slightly warm milk.

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    According to the instructions, the drug should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 30 days. Closed packaging is stored for much longer( up to 2 years) in a dark place, where sunlight does not reach and the temperature is cool.

    On the question of mothers about how often it is possible to give Babi Kalm to a newborn, doctors respond unanimously: duration and frequency of reception is determined individually in each specific case. Since strictly limited dosage is allowed per day, how many times a day to give Babi Kalm, Mom( after consultation with the pediatrician, of course) decides for herself.

    If the condition of the crumb is severely disturbed, it is capricious, cries and rumbling is heard in the tummy, drops should be given 4 times a day. As the well-being of the baby improves, the intake can be reduced to 2 times.

    As for the duration, this drug is not addictive and theoretically, the duration of reception is not limited. Nevertheless, doctors do not recommend giving Babi Kalm "for prophylaxis," and advised to stop using it after normalization of the child's condition.

    Babi Kalm begins to act on the newborn after 20 minutes: the gaziks come out, the tummy stops "rumbling" and becomes soft. The baby looks more calm and cheerful.

    Often after applying Babi Kalma against the background of discomfort in the tummy, after the disappearance of symptoms, the baby is very hard to fall asleep for 3-4 hours. At the same time it is almost impossible to wake up, this is due to the soothing effect of mint oil in the formulation. If you do not want the crumb for so long and hard to sleep, then try to give the medicine in a reduced dosage - 5 drops.

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    Contraindications to

    The only contraindication of the drug against babies colic Babi Kalm is the individual intolerance of its components, which can cause an allergic reaction.

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    In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, even before the application of the drug is recommended to give the baby a "test" a couple drops of the drug and about 4 hours to observe the reaction of the body: if no changes have occurred, you can safely start a full reception. If any allergic reaction develops, continue taking.

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    Side effects of

    Allergy in newborns on Baby Bab is just the only side effect of the drug. Often it manifests itself in the form:

    • skin irritation;
    • itching;
    • redness;
    • rashes in the lower abdomen and on the toddler's toddler.

    In case of occurrence of even one of the symptoms, the reception of the drug should be stopped immediately. If necessary, you can try Baby Bab Calm again not later than 2 weeks after the disappearance of allergies, starting with a meager dosage.

    If you overdose or take undiluted drops Bebikalm, severe consequences will not occur, the baby will only fall asleep very tightly for 3-4 hours.

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    Today on drugstore counters there are a lot of children's drugs that are similar in properties( but not in composition) with Babi Kalm drops. The most effective are:

    • Espumizan baby .It is he who is most often recommended as an analog of Babi Kalma. Choosing what is best for newborns - Espumizan baby or Baby Bab, you should take into account their compositions, which in the first preparation is completely chemical( based on the active substance - simethicone), and it costs more. At the same time, Espomizan baby is better to relieve pain and is suitable as an emergency.

    • Bobotik - a complete analog of Espumizan baby, which can only be used from 2 months of life crumbs.

    • BABINOS is a herbal preparation based on fennel, chamomile and coriander. Has all the properties of Baby Kalma, plus everything - it sets the process of digestion.

    • Plantex is a product containing fruits and essential oil of fennel, which eliminate colic, remove gases and improve digestion.

    • Enterokond is a homeopathic preparation that helps with pain in the abdomen with flatulence.

    • Gastrokind is a drug intended for the treatment of stool disorders, abdominal pain, swelling and other symptoms caused by a change in the type of nutrition( supplementation) in children under 1 year.

    • Dill Drink .This tool, familiar to our grandmothers, can be used as the most budget option. To do this, you should buy at the pharmacy fennel seeds and prepare the infusion according to the recommendations indicated on the package.

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