35 examples of toning natural, stained and colored hair

The process of coloring ringlets with unstable paints is called toning. The fixation of the artificial pigment does not break the structure of the hair, since it does not contain ammonia in its composition. Toning paint envelops the hairs from the outside, thereby giving them elasticity and compliance for further laying, haircuts.

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Examples before and after

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Features of toning

Coloring of curls by toning means is divided into sparing and intensive. At the first paint lasts about three weeks. Shading paints, having a consistency of a few oxidizing substances, allow intensive toning for several months.

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Toning of dark hair is used to obtain a saturated hue, It is impossible to lighten dark strands with toning. All that can be achieved is eggplant, chocolate, reddish and other shades.

When toning light hair, you need to decide on the choice of shades of curls, it can be a cold or warm tide. The first include a honey, golden and rusty shade. Ashy, smoky - cold tones, for them the most suitable tonics are ash, silvery, pearly hue.

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To refresh your image will help toning blond hair. For this you can use different shades and tones - brown, golden, natural, ashy. Red-haired beauties with properly selected tinting attract hundreds of admiring glances. Variation of the shades is great from the ginger palette to the color of the ripe cherry. Toning red hair should be done, focusing on soft and calm shades.

The technology of the procedure is as follows:

  • tonic( dye) is mixed with the oxidant according to the instructions;
  • damaged hair areas are treated with restoring balsams;
  • mix the mixture to a homogeneous mass and apply to washed hair;
  • hold for 15-20 minutes;
  • paints are washed off with warm water.

Some dyes do not need to be mixed with an oxidizer, they are ready to be applied immediately.

The use of tonics gives the curls a stylish hue, making them rich. Toning of gray hair allows you to align the natural color, the shade is washed away unnoticed, so the border between the colored and natural hair is not visible, the composition of the colors includes vitamins.

Toning hair after melirovaniya, according to experts, the most useful procedure. It makes the color of the curls more interesting, giving the image an individuality.

The most persistent means is the paint for toning. Holds up to 30 smyvok and paints yellow or reddish-yellow shades. You can apply several colors of paint at once. For maximum effect, the hair is pre-clarified. Dark strands are not subject to clarification. To achieve a natural effect, no more than 3 tones are worth using.

After toning, you need to pay special attention to hair care. Do not wash your hair for 2 days after staining, this will ensure that the components are stabilized and strengthened. Use shampoos and balms for colored hair.
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