With what it is fashionable to wear a black dress of different styles

No girls and women should dress without a suitable black dress. There are a lot of options, as well as styles, in which the dress can be sewn and trimmed. And to each of them, in order to get a perfect image, you need to competently pick up accessories and additional things.

A small black dress in the style of Chanel is fashionable to combine with neat accessories in black or beige. Supplement the image can be a string of pearls or a white collar and cuffs. Depending on the cut and fabric, this mini can be worn for both evening and work.

Elegant dress with a flashlight sleeve is popular. Under it, you can choose a wide belt that emphasizes the waist, and accurate, not overtaxing shoes on high or medium travel.

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Lacy black dress is advantageous to combine with things from a denser fabric or texture. It will look good with lace leather.

At the height of its popularity are black chiffon models in polka dots. And peas can be either very small or large. The most organic looks white peas. To such a combination can be chosen as accessories of white and black, and pastel tones.

A plain, short dress, the case can be completed with a long black coat and high contrasting boots.

In choosing accessories for an evening dress, especially in the floor and with a rich finish, you need to approach carefully. Sometimes there will be enough small black or matching earrings, as well as a small clutch.

In terms of color scheme with a black dress the accessories of red color are well-friends. In general, black color is neutral. It harmonizes with the whole palette of flowers, but, for example, it's better to choose accessories in beige, black red, green and blue colors for the evening image, bright and acid colors suit the club, and the whole palette of natural pastel colors is available for the day.

Under the sports dress you can choose a comfortable backpack or handbag on a thin strap, moccasins, sneakers or comfortable sneakers.

Under the retro dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn necessarily need high gloves and trim shoes. Of the jewelry you can take a massive pearl earrings and a necklace under the throat. This dress is ideal for a gala evening.

Leather dress is more successfully combined with things made of leather, suede or a noodle.

The youth dress-shirt can be worn with trousers or leggings as well as under or without tights. Equally, under this style fit like sneakers or shoes, and shoes at high speed. Looks good handbag on a long chain or strap.

Pantyhose under a black dress should be chosen depending on the style in which it is sewn. Most often it can be beige matt pantyhose, black with different color densities. White and other unusual flowers are less common.

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