Origami of the jumping frog

We bring to your attention a detailed description of creating an origami jumping frog. Such a paper toy will bring a little variety to the gameplay, will affect the development of assiduity not only in the child, but also in adults. In addition, the creation of a jumping frog does not take much time and does not require special skills and materials.

  • Scheme of origami
  • Creation process of

Scheme of origami

Scheme of origami creation includes only thirteen steps, which for average origami is a small indicator. Use this diagram to compare your actions with the photos attached to the master class.

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The process of creating

Take a sheet of paper of a square shape and bend it on both diagonals and again unfold it. If you want the frog to be of a certain color, then you need to take a square of colored paper( it is desirable that it was colored on both sides).As an option, you can simply decorate your frog.

Take the square by the edges and connect them together as shown in the picture.

Externally obtained figure will resemble an hourglass.

The obtained clock cups must be folded so that they form two identical triangles one above the other.

For the aesthetic appearance of the future frog, smooth out all the bends well.

From the first triangle, which is on top, you need to form the other two by bending the corners of the large triangle to its center.

Turn our frog and bend the second triangle to its center with the corners up.

Well break all the bent edges of the resulting square and bend its corners to the center line, focusing on the tips shown in the picture.

Turn the product over again, returning to the first triangle.

Take the corners, joining the center line, and unbend them exactly along the edges of each of the triangles. These will be the feet of our frog.

Put the frog on the legs and squeeze her body into the accordion, as shown in the picture.

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So our frog can jump.

Once again iron all contours of the product for durability.

Next, you can liven up the frog by drawing her eyes, mouth.

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