Models of fashionable skirts for fat women

Having excess weight it is possible to dress stylishly and correctly, without giving up many elements of a wardrobe. Some full women categorically disregard skirts or choose a style that is not suitable for them, and after all it is a well-chosen style of the skirt and is able to visually save the figure.

  • Style Pencil
  • culottes
  • skirt to the floor
  • Style Bell
  • fluffy skirt
  • Style sun
  • above the knee
  • Style trapeze
  • Style tulip
  • Slinky
  • Summer skirt
  • denim skirt

Style Pencil

This style is recognized as one of thethe best for any type of completeness. If the fullness of the legs is moderate or expressed minimum, the length of the skirt can be up to the knee or just below the knee, but if the legs are full, it is better to choose models with an ankle length or mid-calf. Pencil will look good monophonic, let's say a vertical drawing or an abstraction.

Especially well look such skirts with an overstated waist.

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Pants skirt

A model with wide loose trousers that should not at allat least a little fit legs or thighs. A loose cut conceals all shortcomings, and an average or high fit visually slashes the figure, signifies the waist.

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The skirt in the floor

When choosing a skirt in the floor, it is better to take a single-color model or with a pattern that would be located below, but not in the hip and waist area, since this arrangement only adds volume. Also, the picture should be placed vertically. To consider also it is necessary and the growth: low girls such skirt will make visually even lower, high on the contrary, visually extends.

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Style bell

Such dangerous shapes are better to choose with the length below the knee and in monophonic calm range. They always choose a calm, fitted top. Look good models with an overstated waist and a wide belt.

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Fancy skirt

Such skirts are only relevant when the fullness is moderate. Their minimum length can reach the knees, but not higher. Such multilayered and volumetric models are customarily combined with a forecourt. The waist can be classic or inflated, but not low.

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Style sun

The skirt visually resembles an elongated trapezoid. Well, this model will look monochrome with a length of midi to the middle of the calf or ankles. This style is ideal for creating a retro-image.

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Above the knee of the

With this length to girls who are overweight, you always need to be very careful. The style of the skirt can be trapezoid. A skirt-tulip and a balloon will also look good. The main condition for choosing this length is the external condition of the skin of the knees. If there are fat folds above the knees, this length is contraindicated.

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Style trapezoid

This style well conceals completeness in the hip area. A skirt that is below the knee length or to the middle of the knee cap is suitable for creating both an everyday and business image. It will be better to look models with an average waist.

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Style tulip

This style will most beautifully look with a length below the knee. Visually the skirt resembles a flower of the same name turned upside down. This style visually draws the figure.

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slinky loading. ..

Similar skirts can be of different lengths, but models with a length just below the knee look the most organic. To combine such a skirt is with a moderately well-fitting horseback. It could be a blouse and a jacket overtaken.

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Summer skirt

From summer models it is worth choosing straight and slightly flared styles long from the knee and below. The fabric for the skirt should be light, thin. Beautifully look chiffon, silk, linen, cotton, pleated models.

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Jeans skirt

It's better to choose models that are made of jeans that can hold a shape. But the skirts of stretch jeans are contraindicated. In other cases, the skirt can be sewn in a universal fashion pencil or trapezoid.

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