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Before proceeding to detailed parsing of the topic of this article, it is necessary to reveal the very meaning of the word "glamor" from the very beginning. It has long been constantly heard, everywhere you can hear its derivatives: glamurnenko, glamorchik, glamsi, glam, etc. This criterion is bestowed on all that is at the peak of its greatest popularity at this particular, current time, here and now.

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This applies not only to high fashion, but also to other areas such as interior design, the brand of table wine, the model of the car, the trivial details of life and so on. In other words, glamor is in many ways synonymous with the words "fashionable", "bright" and "stylish."The only difference is that they are mixed with a big "spoon" of pathos, which, incidentally, only decorates this style.

If you turn to the French language, this word means having a personal charm( not to be confused with taste).Understand this can be the fact that in order to glimpse glamorous, you need not only to conform to the trends and fit into them, but they will also retain their individuality, and not just copy someone's bright and fashionable image. So, for example, you will become such not when you acquire trendy things, but when you learn how to wear them.

For the age group up to 18 years, the rules for creating the image are quite free. Dilute your image with all those accessories and trends that are only allowed by your age. This includes the ability to use bright, screaming or acid colors in clothing, make-up, as a tonic on the hair, all kinds of youth baubles and other attributes. You can also make a photo session within the fashionable youth trend, for example, "Hello Kitty", "Kira Plastinina", etc.

If your age is between 18 and 29 years old, you can only envy. It is in his framework that all the directions in the style of glamor are appropriate. The choice of an image for a photo shoot in this case is quite simple - take a glossy magazine you like, along with a critical point of view evaluate your wardrobe, and choose the image of the model on the pages of gloss. You can completely copy everything from "A" to "I", or you can make your own changes to the photo session, show imagination, make an image for yourself.

If you are slightly over 30, the choice is not great for you. The fault is that your age obliges you to observe certain social frameworks that require from you already solidity and restrained minimalism, and also does not allow the use of non-branded or cheap things and accessories. But there is one plus in this situation. It is you who are able to embody the image of a real glamorous aristocrat, a vintage diva or an exquisite lady. These are the images where your solidity and sophistication will play into your hands. These images for the photo session must be supplemented by standing accessories, preferably branded ones. The winner will be the result of the photo session and from the correctly chosen scenery.

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The glamor style is the first glossary in the world of glosses. Photosessions for such publications are often held in studios. If the experience of shooting you have a small, start with the studio. For the glamor, correct lighting is very important. With the help of light, a good photographer will be able to correct the external data of the model. You can achieve this only in a specially equipped room.

When selecting locations for field surveys, note that in this case the photographer must also use additional equipment. To realize the photo session it is possible in the beautiful interior of a cafe or, if there is such an opportunity, in a famous boutique of clothes and accessories.

Also glamor can be implemented in urban locations. Only streets, squares, alleys or squares should be worth a shot and, preferably, uninhabited.

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The poses for this photo shoot are standard, low-emotional. They are aimed at the beneficial provision of external data model.

Accent, as a rule, is done either on a figure or on the face. In the first case, portrait poses are used, in the second - the poses are full-grown, the poses are rarely used in the sitting and lying position( their application depends on the scenery and the location of the survey).

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