How and how can you paint your own jeans at home

Coloring the fabric of jeans, not only trousers, but also other things sewn from denim, can give these things a new embodiment and a second life. To perform this procedure, not only the usual blue eyes will come in handy, but you can color both blue and blue, and gray or white jeans.

  • Application of
  • blue
  • Professional paints
  • use of limestone
  • bleaching
  • white staining

colored staining

blue application Dilute blue in 3-4 liters of warm water, the temperature of which does not exceed 30-35 degrees. Add two large spoons of salt and pour in blue. The amount of the substance is determined according to one's own preferences: the more blue, the more intense and darker the color. Soak jeans in a solution and turn them around every half hour. After 4 hours, the thing is rinsed in a lot of cold water, and then rinsed with vinegar( 1 large spoonful per liter of water).

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Professional paints

For a more professional result, it is necessary to use paints for fabrics. For proper dyeing and better absorption of the pigment, the jeans should be boiled in water( 4-5 liters) along with the paint, adding two tablespoons of salt to it, and after the procedure it is necessary to rinse the jeans in the vinegar solution. The procedure will suit a spacious dish, in which the thing will fit completely. It is best to use a laundry tub or an aluminum basin. During boiling, the solution should be stirred regularly so that there are no stains on the fabric. Typically, the manufacturers of paints and themselves indicate on the packaging a detailed description of the procedure and all proportions. Try to keep the dosage, since excesses will be difficult to remove.

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Using limestone

Another way to dye jeans is to use a potassium permanganate, which gives a purple hue. The fabric that resulted from this staining was popular in the eighties of the last century. Today, this original design is back in fashion. Thing is not necessary to boil. A mixture of potassium permanganate must be mixed with vinegar and processed with the mixture of jeans. After this, the hydroperitic tablets are ground into a powder, added to water and the sponge fixed to the drawing.

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White staining

Put jeans in a bucket of hot water, where 150-200 grams of whiteness was previously added. Start boiling, stirring all the time. Jeans should not come up. This method will give blue jeans a beautiful light blue with a white tint, but with it you can give the trousers an interesting design, getting a divorce on the fabric. To do this, only the trouser legs are lowered into the solution, they can be twisted, this will give an abstract pattern, or you can make a picture with the clothespins. The place where the clothespin will be is not painted.

When working with this and any other solutions, you should observe safety measures: use gloves, stir with a stick, do not contact chemicals directly.

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Multicolored coloring

Jeans can be painted not in one color, but make them unusual and bright. For this purpose, use special acrylic paints of different colors. While they are liquid, they can be diluted with water to get the desired shade.

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