The use and contra-indications of red brushes in folk medicine

Red brush or rhodiola quadruple - a rare perennial plant of small size. It grows only in the Altai Territory on mountain slopes. Often a plant is called a natural hormone, it effectively treats urological and gynecological diseases. However, there are also contraindications to the use of rhodiola preparations.

  • composition and curative properties
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  • Application
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composition and curative properties

Red brush has useful therapeutic properties, in demand in medicine. It contains tannins, essential oils, organic acids, anthraglycosides, fats, proteins, phenols, flavonoids, glycoside, salidroside, sterols, manganese, chromium, zinc, cobalt copper, molybdenum, nickel, gum, phytohormones, vitamin C, anthocyanins.

Properties of the plant:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • Haemostatic;
  • toning;
  • adaptogenic;
  • antibacterial;
  • antiviral;
  • immunomodulating;

  • anti-infective;
  • wound healing;
  • restorative;
  • sedative;
  • antifungal;
  • painkillers.
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  • Preparations

    For medicinal purposes, the root of the plant is used, from which it is prepared:

    • Decoction : 1.5 tablespoons of the crushed raw material, pour 300 ml of water, boil in a water bath for 5 minutes in a tightly closed container. Then broth to insist 2 hours and take 100 milliliters 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals with 1 teaspoon of honey. Duration of treatment is from 5 to 45 days. The drug increases immunity, normalizes the liver and kidneys, has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces blood pressure, eliminates pathogenic infectious agents.
    • Tincture : 100 grams of crushed roots pour 1 liter of vodka, insist 21 days in a dark place at room temperature. Use 3 times a day for 40 drops, diluting them in 100 milliliters of water. The course of treatment is 21 days. Tincture contributes to the normalization of the hormonal background, is used in gynecology in many pathologies.

    Most often, a red brush is purchased in a pharmacy in a variety of forms for ease of use:

    • Extract : use 25 drops, diluted in 150 milliliters of water. Take the medicine you need during meals 2 times a day for 31 days. The medicine helps with diseases of the female sexual sphere, endocrine disorders, atherosclerosis, anemia.
    • Tea : 1-2 bags pour a glass of boiling water, insist 20 minutes and drink 3 times a day right after eating. The use of phyto-tea is indicated for painful and irregular monthly, disturbances in the endocrine system.
    • Syrup : according to the instructions, the drug is prescribed for 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. The duration of the course is 1 month, after which it is necessary to take a break of 10 days, after which the therapy can be repeated. It is recommended for pathologies of the heart muscle, endocrine system and gynecological diseases.
    • Candles : Treatment is carried out 2-3 courses for 7-10 days with interruptions in 1 week.1 candle 2 times a day. Used for various gynecological diseases, for normalization of vaginal microflora, etc.
    • Tablets : as a tonic and restorative means take 2-3 tablets to 13.00 hours. According to the instructions, they should be taken in the process of eating and washed down with water. Duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.
    • Balsam : Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day before meals for 2-6 weeks. This is a multicomponent drug, recommended for the prevention and treatment of vasospasms and cancer.

    Rhodiola is performed and douching, for this 1 teaspoon of tincture is stirred in 500 milliliters of warm water and the procedure is performed 2 times a day for 7 days. After the course, you need to take a break for 7 days and then again you can repeat the treatment. Procedures help normalize the biocenosis of the vagina, are recommended for colpitis, candidiasis, endometriosis, gardnerellez, vulvovaginitis and ureaplasmosis.

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    Features of the

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    The combined use of a red brush and a hog queen increases the therapeutic effect several times in the therapy of the following diseases:
    • uterine bleeding;
    • endometritis;
    • fibroid;
    • fibroma;
    • mastopathy;
    • infertility of male and female character;
    • inflammatory gynecological diseases;
    • cystitis, etc.

    For maximum effectiveness, it is important to follow the dosage and schedule of admission. The course of therapy is divided into 4 stages, each of which lasts 14 days with a break for 1-2 weeks.

    For preparation of universal water tincture , it is necessary to mix 15 grams of red bristle root and hog urchin root, pour the mixture with 200 milliliters of boiling water and stand in a water bath for 30-35 minutes. After cooling, drain the product, bring the amount of infusion to 200 milliliters of boiled water and take 1 hour before eating 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Shelf life is not more than 3 days in the refrigerator.

    When using universal infusion, the following scheme should be followed:

    • 1st reception: until 9:00, but no later than 30 minutes before breakfast.
    • 2nd reception: 1 hour before lunch.
    • 3rd reception: 30 minutes before dinner, but no later than 19:00.The plant has an exciting effect and increases brain efficiency, provokes insomnia.

    If after the complete course of treatment there is no improvement, especially with infertility, you can repeat the therapy, but only after 1 month.

    For the treatment of violations of the menstrual cycle, the infusion of the red brush should be taken in the first phase of the cycle, and the bovine uterus in the second, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

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    Application of

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    In gynecology

    • With abundant monthly , rhodiola is effective due to its haemostatic properties. Also, the plant will help normalize the cycle and eliminate soreness during menstruation.
    • For women's diseases. The red brush has a wide range of indications: cervical erosion, endometriosis, infertility, adnexitis, cervical polyps and endometrium, cysts, polycystic ovaries, etc. The plant promotes normalization of the hormonal background, elimination of pain syndrome and residual inflammatory processes, increased blood circulation, resorptionadhesions. In addition, rhodiola stimulates the production of interferons, saturates the body with vitamins and microelements.
    • When planning pregnancy .The reproductive system of women is affected by many factors associated with both internal pathologies( infectious diseases, hormonal failure, etc.), and with the influence of the external environment( climate change, ecological situation).With a complex negative effect, these factors reduce the ability to conceive and create problems in family planning. The adaptogenic properties of rhodiola help the body better adapt to environmental conditions, and immunomodulatory action will strengthen protective barriers and prevent illnesses.
    • With menopause. Rodion hormones have an estrogen-like effect and reduce the intensity of symptoms arising in menopause: headaches, hypertension, irritability, nervousness, drowsiness with increased fatigue.
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    Read more about the indications, contraindications and methods of taking medications of the hog uterus that are used in conjunction with red brushes for the treatment of the female reproductive system
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    Onkoprotektornye, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating properties allow the use of the plant in the complex therapy of tumoral diseases of hormonal nature( mastopathy, fibroids, uterine fibroids).The presence of phytohormones and glycosides with estrogen-like action helps to restore the hormonal balance and prevent the development of neoplasms. In addition, it is scientifically proven that a red brush can stop the growth of malignant cells.

    For treatment inside take tincture, and for local therapy are shown douching, which allows you to tone up the body, eliminate inflammation, restore the hormonal background and strengthen the vessels.

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    With hypothyroidism

    Because of deficiency of thyroid function, there is a deficiency of hormones, which negatively affects the work of all systems and organs.

    Red brush as an effective adaptogen and immunomodulator of plant origin will help to eliminate such symptoms as: muscle weakness, insomnia, joint pain, memory and attention impairment, skin peeling, swelling, brittle hair, etc.

    After 7-10Days of reception of Rhodiola marked a significant improvement in the patient's condition.

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    For slimming

    The red brush contains plant laxatives( anthraglikozids) that normalize the intestinal tract. In addition, the plant contains substances that suppress appetite, removing toxins from the body, which contribute to the breakdown of fats and increase the acidity of the gastric juice, which greatly improves digestion.

    Infusion for weight loss : 2-3 roots of the plant, pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 12 hours. Eat ready infusion 5-6 times a day as a regular tea. The duration of the course is 1 month.

    However, it must be remembered that all herbs for burning fat, including rhodiola, are effective only if the proper nutrition is observed.

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    For men

    The plant has healing properties that will help to solve such masculine problems as prostatitis, prostate adenoma and infertility. In addition, rhodiola preparations can potentiate potency.

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    • Individual intolerance;
    • high blood pressure;
    • hypertension;
    • frequent blood pressure jumps;
    • is a nervous overstrain, namely a state of deep stress or depression;
    • heart failure;
    • high body temperature, fever.
    Also one of the contraindications to the use of plant drugs is the simultaneous treatment with hormonal drugs and phytohormones, which are contained in oregano, licorice, hops and clover.

    However, there are folk recipes, suggesting the simultaneous( phase) reception of a red brush with a plant borovaya uterus. The latter is a powerful phytohormone restoring the disturbed balance in the body. The main thing is to follow the phases of eating these herbs, to comply with the dosage and prescriptions of the doctor.

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    Side effects of

    It is proved that even a slight overdose of the red brush causes side effects:

    • The inhibited reaction of the body to external stimuli, which can lead to tragedy when driving a vehicle.
    • Allergy.
    • Drowsiness.

    When taking drugs based on a red brush, you should completely eliminate the use of alcohol and fatty foods.

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    When pregnant

    A plant in the form of broths or tinctures is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation. It is undesirable to combine it with contraceptives.

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