The properties of acacia honey in recipes of folk medicine and cosmetology

Acacia - a woody plant with white or yellow flowers of the legume family. In height, the tree can reach 10-30 meters. In our latitudes the white acacia is widespread, which is also called robinia. Cultivated as decorative and for creating windbreaks. The leaves are very small, the trunk and branches have thorns. Flowers are collected in the inflorescence. It grows throughout Europe, in the temperate climate of Asia, in North and South Africa and the southern regions of Latin America.

  • chemical composition
  • Acids Vitamins Minerals
  • mono-, poly- and disaccharides
  • Useful properties
  • Application
  • Folk recipes
  • acne
  • Infusion Infusion Infusion angina
  • cold
  • Inhalation bronchitis, rhinitis, laryngitis Trituration
  • from cough
  • Honey from insomnia
  • Honey from low hemoglobin
  • Honey from gastritis and ulcers
  • Honey from dermatitis, eczema and ulcers
  • Honey from hypertension
  • Solution from infectious eye diseases
  • Cosmetic prescriptions
  • Mask for oily skin
  • Mask for dry skin
  • Mask for normal skin
  • Mask for strengthening hair
  • Mask for hair loss
  • Mask for hair restoration
  • Rejuvenating mask
  • Rubbing for skin improvement
  • Cellulite washings
  • Bath forstrengthening of nails
  • Body wrapping
  • In cooking
  • Recipes for honey preparation
  • Simple recipe for acacia honey
  • Making honey in multivark
  • Aromatichoney
  • Contraindications
  • Procurement and storage

Chemical composition

The composition of acacia honey includes:

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  • B1 - thiamine;
  • B2 - riboflavin;
  • B5 - panthenol;
  • B6 - pyridoxine;
  • B9 - folic acid;
  • C - ascorbic acid;
  • PP - nicotinic acid.
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  • Apple;
  • Lemon;
  • Gluconic;
  • Milk.
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  • Potassium;
  • Phosphorus;
  • Iron;
  • Manganese;

  • Calcium;
  • Boron;
  • Iodine;
  • Zinc.
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Mono-, poly- and disaccharides

  • Fructose;
  • Glucose;
  • Sucrose;
  • Maltose.

Also present:

  • Phytohormones;
  • Organic acids;
  • Flavonoids;
  • Nitrogen compounds;
  • Aromatic acids.
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Useful properties of

The calorie content of acacia honey per 100 grams is 317 kcal.

Useful properties of such honey are:

  • Increased immunity;
  • Improved metabolism;
  • Treatment of depression;
  • Calming the nervous system;
  • Increased endurance of the body;
  • Diuretic;
  • Antimicrobial agent;
  • Increased hemoglobin in the blood;
  • Strengthening blood vessels and cardiac muscle;
  • Treatment of eye infections;
  • Disinfectant;
  • Anti-burn agent.
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Application of

Acacia honey is used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. Is a dietary and diabetic product.

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Folk recipes

Honey has a wide range of applications in the recipes of traditional medicine in the form of infusions, grinds, solutions and fresh use.

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Infusion from acne

To brew a tablespoon of marigold in 200 grams of water, to insist an hour. In the finished infusion, dissolve a teaspoon of honey, moisten the cotton swab and apply to the problem areas for 20 minutes.

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Infusion from sore throat

Brew a glass of boiled water 1 tablespoon of sage. Insist 20 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of acacia honey and gargle. After applying the infusion for 2 hours, do not eat food and drink liquid.

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Infusion for cold

Brew 2 tablespoons of lime-colored, pour into the thermos and leave overnight, drain in the morning and add 1 cup of cranberries and half a cup of honey. Take half a cup every 2 hours.

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Inhalation from bronchitis, rhinitis, laryngitis

Make 30% aqueous solution of honey. Carry out this procedure for 20 minutes.

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Rubbing from cough

Preheat honey to 30 degrees, grate the chest and leave for 1,5-2 hours. Wash off with warm water.

Honey in fresh form is aimed at general strengthening of immunity and treatment of various diseases.
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Honey from insomnia

Take a teaspoon of honey before bedtime.

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Honey from reduced hemoglobin

To consume 50 grams of honey for 2 months. It also normalizes the cardiac tone and improves the general condition of the body.

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Honey from gastritis and ulcers

Eat 30 grams of honey every day for 15-20 minutes before meals.

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Honey from dermatitis, eczema and ulcers

Apply honey to wounds. Leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

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Honey from hypertension

Every day to consume 60 grams of honey for 1-2 months.

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Solution from infectious eye diseases

Prepare a solution of 2 parts of distilled water for 1 part of honey from a white acacia. Bury several times a day until the symptoms disappear.

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Cosmetic recipes

Acacia honey acts as an excellent cosmetic raw material for maintaining the beauty and health of the skin and hair.

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Mask for oily facial skin

Mix a teaspoon of honey with 2 beaten egg whites and mix until homogeneous. Apply to the skin and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off the decoction of chamomile or marigold.

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Mask for dry skin

Mix on a tablespoon of honey and olive oil, apply on face and leave for 15 minutes. Remove the mask with a napkin, then rinse off with a decoction of herbs or warm water.

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Mask for normal skin

Banana to grind into a slurry and mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on the skin for 20 minutes. Wipe with cloth and rinse with water.

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Mask for strengthening hair

In a water bath, heat 5-6 tablespoons of honey. Apply to hair roots, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

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Mask against hair loss

Grate on a fine grater medium bulb, add 4-5 spoonfuls of honey, 1 tablespoon of cognac. Apply mass to the roots and distribute the remainders along the length of the hair. Hold for 30-40 minutes.

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Mask for hair restoration

Mix castor oil and honey in a 1: 2 ratio, add a teaspoon of aloe juice. Apply to the roots for 20 minutes and wrap the hair with a plastic bag.

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Rejuvenating mask

Mix equal parts of sour cream or cream with honey. Apply to the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse with green tea. For dry skin, add 5 drops of peach oil. The mask can be used for face, neck and decollete skin.

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Rubbing To improve the facial skin

Apply honey at room temperature, rub with massage movements, then leave for half an hour. Wash off with warm water.

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Cellulite abrasions

Preheat honey to the optimum temperature for the body, smudge over the problem area and pat wait until the hands stop sticking.

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Nail for strengthening of nails

For 1 liter of warm water 1 teaspoon of honey. Carry out the procedure 15-20 minutes several times a week.

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Cellulite wrap

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Preheat the honey, then cool to room temperature. Add a teaspoon of any vegetable oil. Apply to the problem area and cover the body with a film. Leave for 40 minutes, rinse with plain water. Repeat 2 times a week.

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In the cooking of

Acacia honey has a pleasant taste. It goes well with cheeses, is added to tea and sports drinks to maintain a tonus and energy balance. Also combined with fish and various types of meat. It is used in baking, in various marinades and as a seasoning for delicacies. From the flowers of acacia make jam. It is allowed for use by diabetics, since it contains a large amount of fructose.

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Recipes for honey preparation

There are several recipes for preparing such honey at home.

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Simple recipe of acacia honey

One and a half kilograms of white acacia flowers should be cleaned of green stems, washed well and soaked in water with half lemon juice. Mix a half liter of water and sugar, put on a stove. After boiling add some flowers. After half an hour of boiling, honey is ready. A few minutes before the readiness to add a little citric acid. Spread on sterilized jars. To roll.

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Preparation of honey in the

multivarka Wash the flowers of the white acacia and cover with sugar in a saucepan. Leave for 2-3 hours to insist. In the flowers pour a little water and add the raw lemon, cut into small cubes. Put the whole mass in the bowl of the multivariate and cook for an hour and a half.

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Fragrant honey

600 grams of white acacia flowers to clean, rinse, cover in a pan, adding 1 finely chopped lemon. Boil for 10 minutes. Insist day. After pressing, add a half kilogram of sugar and put on fire. Cook for an hour and a half. Pour into sterilized jars and roll up.

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Acacia honey is not used in such cases:

  • with allergy to acaciaand bee products;
  • in large quantities;
  • for vegetative-vascular dystonia and hypotension;
  • for children under 2 years;
  • with lactation;
  • when heated above 45 degrees( produces toxin).
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Procurement and storage of

Crystallization of acacia honey is slower( up to 2 years) than in other varieties, and it is best to store it in a dark room or refrigerator at temperatures from 0 to 35 degrees.

Honey is not stored in a container made of galvanized sheet or iron, it is best to use glassware with a tight-fitting lid.

For storage in large quantities suitable wooden barrels( except oak and coniferous wood) or containers made of stainless steel. Honey combs are wrapped in polyethylene film. Harvesting of honey is made during the flowering of acacia from May to June.

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