Unusual ideas for a photo shoot in the forest

In any season of the year, the forest can become a good and interesting place for an on-site thematic and stylistic photo session. The very atmosphere of forests is pushing towards mysticism and romance, so there is no deficit in the choice of all kinds of ideas. For girls suitable for the following colorful subjects.

  • Amazon
  • Myths and Fantasy
  • Ideas with animals
  • Fashion


The image of the Amazonian forest warrior is rich in versatility. It can be played endlessly and it will not become boring. To make the image fit into the style framework, the following attributes are needed:

  • weapon. It can be old-fashioned military knives in leather cases, a long pole with leather bandages, a spear, a real massive sword or the traditional Greek sword xyphos, throwing knives, a bow of wood with leather bandages, a shield covered with leather;

  • accessories. These include leather belts, tubers, a container of leather for water( fur) and everything that can make up the warrior's luggage;
  • wear. Most often, Amazons are described as warriors in light ammunition made of leather, sometimes decorated with metal. This includes leather armor, fur coats, thin raincoats, ribbons on the forehead, and other accessories.

It's also superfluous to get a horse for a photo shoot. If you can not find a simple leather saddle, it is better not to harness the horse.

Suitable for shooting and dogs of large breeds, outwardly similar to wolves.

You can hold a photo session of such themes at any time of the year, but the best result will be against the backdrop of summer and autumn.

Learn the features of the photo session in the style of Provence http://woman-l.ru/fotosessia-v-stile-provans/
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Myths and Fantasy

The forest is a good place to translate ideas related to mythology, especially our, Slavic, as well as to explore ideas of a fantasy nature. This includes the following topics:

  • Row( mast).Evil spirits of the forest, undead. To create an image of a mast is simple. This includes a minimum of clothing or only its appearance, composed of leaves and twigs. Make-up should be pale, the hairdo consist of loose hair in which you can weave leaves. To shoot better in the summer.
  • Witch. Here for a basis it is possible to take Gogol's witches dressed in spacious white shirts, with the dismissed hair, pale, frightening. For shooting, you can create a photozone, for example, a bed of flowers or a certain ritual. You can also retreat from the Russian theme, making a classic gloomy and black image of a gothic witch.
  • Elves. Here you can make cosplay on famous fantasy characters, copying not only clothes, but also accessories. An important condition for such an idea are overhead lugs.

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Ideas with animals

Where, how not in the forest to embody the ideas associated with animals. There is a lot of thematic, and most of them come down to romantic overtones. Many modern photographers work in the genre of surrealism in the framework of ideas with animals and forests. From here, you get deep and engaging photos with bears and girls in long dresses, with wolves, foxes, owls and other forest animals.

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Shooting with pets is suitable for pregnant women.

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This is the style of glossy magazines. To fit into it, it is enough to study the basics of fashion posing, to take them from magazines. Plus, your image should be as fashionable and stylish as possible.

The main thing in such photos is in the subsequent processing, bringing the photographic material to imitation of pictures from the magazine.

You will not lose weight if you choose a dress from flying fabric for shooting, pick up a bright, but not vulgar make-up and finish with a smooth hairdo or neat curls.

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