How to make a stylish wardrobe

All of us, both women and men periodically ask ourselves about how beautiful and properly dressed. At the same time, it is necessary to make a wardrobe from scratch in such a way that it can be fashionable, business-like, and at the same time practical. Thought like, "Do I look attractive," or something like that, often leads to the fact that we buy things that are not so necessary to us, which then for years without the need to hang in the closet. Some of our internal doubts and insecurities are often a hindrance in the right choice of clothing.

  • The difference between the basic and capsule wardrobe
  • Action plan
  • Second life of old things
  • Buying new things
  • Tips for selecting a new wardrobe
  • Required items of any women's wardrobe
  • Small black dress
  • Classic trousers and jeans
  • Classic shirt and top
  • Dailydress
  • Skirt and jacket
  • Trench coat and cardigan
  • Classic shoes
  • Required accessories

Difference between base and capsule wardrobe

Hownevertheless, it is right to draw up your own wardrobe itself, than to be guided, what is worth taking into account, in order to avoid unnecessary purchases and inexpedient costs? That's about this, the most painful for many women, we today and talk.

Initially, it is necessary to draw a line between two similar but different concepts: basic and capsular types of wardrobe. What are the main differences:

Basic wardrobe is a certain minimum set, usually a classic cut of things, with which you can create several( up to ten) different images for each day.

Capsule wardrobe is also a set of things for drawing up images, only in this case the images are already finished and made up so that things from the "capsule" can not be used for another image. Therefore, it can be concluded that the base wardrobe is more advantageous than the capsule.

But in the base wardrobe there can also be one or two capsules, say, evening images.

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Action plan for

First of all, it is necessary to work out a clear plan of your actions. As a result, you will have the opportunity to save your time and money. You need to determine the purpose of purchases, which makes it possible to understand why you actually need one or another new thing. The need to buy a new thing can serve some reasons: changing weight in one direction or another, changing the place of work, seasonal purchases, changes in lifestyle and much more. All this has a huge impact on us, forcing us to make changes in our appearance. If a person gets from one environment of communication to another, accordingly, under the influence of a new environment, his tastes, his view of fashion, can change. It would be nice to decide on the style that is most preferable for you. But, if it's difficult to do, give preference to the classics or the English style.

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The second life of old things

Before going to the new clothes it will not be superfluous to carefully review the stuffing of your cabinet, which can help in buying a new thing. By doing this process, you can stumble upon a thing that has never been clothed by you. Realizing that it is of excellent quality, has not yet gone out of fashion, you face to face, that it can be combined with other things and still have a long time enjoying socks, perhaps you will give up unnecessary costs.

After including fantasy, you can experiment with accessories to it, pick up a purse, a scarf, perhaps something from jewelry. Discard uncertainty and fantasize, dilute bright colors with more calm, combine them with each other, and then your old things will regain a new life and play with new colors. Changing parts of different sets of clothes among themselves, you can create a unique image, catching the admiring glances of passers-by. Undoubtedly, any person in the closet has a couple of absolutely unnecessary things to him, which only take no advantage of the place, and the term of their wearing has long since come out. Feel free, without any regret, get rid of them.

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We are buying new items

Before you buy a new thing, you need to carefully examine yourself in the mirror, objectively assessing the merits and demerits of your figure. A huge rarity, when proportions are ideal. An honest look at yourself will allow you to understand what is worth emphasizing, and what to hide on the contrary, masking the flaws of your own body. Self-esteem plays a big role here. At someone it is too understated, that prevents to underline the attractive parties. People with high self-esteem often tend to overestimate the dignity of their figure, which is a minus in the right choice of clothes.

Another important step in the competent design of the wardrobe for the girl is the correct size selection. A thing selected not in size, can completely spoil the appearance of a person, disfiguring his figure. In case the purchased item is not cut in shape and smaller than yours, then your proportions will not look in the best light.

Too loose clothes can add a couple of extra pounds, looking at you baggy. It's easy to imagine that buying clothes not of their own size is fraught with a lot of minuses for you. Immediately the question arises, about its reworking: sewing, shortening, etc. Why create such problems? Picking up clothes of the right size, you will be happy to wear it and do not spend extra money for its rework.

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When you come to the store, it's hard to resist the temptation to buy your favorite thing, but do not rush, you can ask the seller to postpone it, so that the house can once again review the contents of the cabinet in order to understand if it is worth buying. If the thing is very expensive, think about whether you can wear it for next year. Do you have any doubts during the fitting? Most likely, this is not your model. If at first sight you did not fall in love with this thing, then you should not buy it at all. What is important to us? Feel stylish, confident and comfortable in the clothes that we choose for ourselves.

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Tips for selecting a new wardrobe

An important nuance in choosing things for the wardrobe is the color scheme and drawing. For example, clothes of darker shades will look better for women with a full figure, since the dark always slim, and the light tones, on the contrary, give fullness. Full people should not wear clothes in a horizontal strip, but also in a cage, but a vertical strip will give slenderness.

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You can give a few more tips for choosing blouses, jackets and blouses and some other types of clothing. In order to hide a fairly bulky chest, you need to choose blouses with flounces, going along the vertical, as well as ruffles, with their help the silhouette becomes more elongated. A streaming material with a simple cut will create the same effect. And in order to visually increase the small breasts, it is preferable to choose blouses with fine folds, drapes, lush collars, pockets on the chest. The fullness of the hands can hide clothing with sleeves, which are expanded to the bottom. If you have a full belly, then give preference to long blouses with a man's style. Full hips can be hidden under a shirt or blouse that extends to the middle of the thighs, for this purpose clothes of a free cut suit. Those who have narrow shoulders, it is recommended to buy clothes with shoulder pads.

This is just a small list of rules that will help you in the design of the wardrobe, but this is not enough to properly form a wardrobe.

A clear understanding of what things you prefer to give up, what and with which to combine better, will serve a good service in the correct choice of clothes for your wardrobe.

It's still important to know what and where you can put on. For example, it is unreasonable for women in the age of an office to wear short, fitting tops, from which the hanging breasts are visible, the jeans are in the headband( especially, tattered), from which the flabby tummy hangs. It is necessary to abandon the adolescent clothing, because it not only does not give you youth, but only expose you in a disadvantageous light before the staff.

To go to work there are many office clothes. No doubt in your closet there are skirts, blouses and jackets, even if not new ones, but taking into account our advice, you can skillfully combine them with each other using accessories to them.

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Mandatory elements of any women's wardrobe

These things should be present in any woman's wardrobe:

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A small black dress

Black dresses in the basic wardrobe of many women are not present by chance. A universal black dress of simple cut, without unnecessary embellishments, interspersed with other colors makes it possible to always come out. If you can buy only one dress, then let it be black. This will provide the opportunity to create dozens of different images with the help of changing accessories, different combinations with a jacket, cardigans, boleros, stoles, fur collars. Even the change of shoes with tights in combination with a black dress will give novelty and freshness to the whole appearance.

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Classic pants and jeans

Pants of classic cut will help with any occasion, when the skirt, the dress does not get to wear. Base pants can be gray, beige, but black will be preferable, as they decorate and slim any girl.

Any woman has jeans, but in the base wardrobe you need to buy these jeans in which you will look just fine.

Now in fashion, narrowed jeans that have a low waist, but this style does not decorate all, therefore, as a basic element of the wardrobe you need a pair with straight legs, medium landing. To such jeans it is easier to pick up the top.
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Classic shirt and top

If you think that the white shirt is boring, then imagine that a huge number of wardrobe items with which it can be combined! A classic shirt must be in the basic wardrobe of every girl who wants to look stylish and elegant. The main thing is to choose the shirt that will emphasize your dignity, and also will not stick out your shortcomings.

Every woman in her basic wardrobe should have a universal top that will look good on her own, acquire a respectable look with a jacket and be combined with jeans and a skirt. In this top you can hold a business meeting, then come to a family celebration, then take a walk in a nightclub with friends. At the same time, you will always look stylish and unrivaled.

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Daily dress

A neutral color dress, for example, gray or beige, is perfect for working or informal environments. Having such a dress in your basic wardrobe you will avoid repeating the cycle of "pants-skirt" at work in the office, as well as endless jeans in everyday life. Putting it on only a couple of times a week, you will feel a pleasant variety.

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Skirt and jacket

Feminine skirt is suitable for a variety of situations, it can be flirty or businesslike, so it is also desirable to have it in the base wardrobe. For example, if you are not an office worker or at work there is no strict dress code, then you can buy a basic classic denim skirt.

The jacket should be chosen carefully, it should not be courageous or emphasize the shortcomings of the figure. An incorrectly selected jacket can visually enlarge the shoulders. Stay on the model that will perfectly emphasize your shapes and repeat the waist line. The length of the jacket should be selected individually, it can correct the shortcomings: with a short torso, choose a jacket that will go up to the buttocks( this fits with those with a lower part smaller than the top), if you do not have a very pronounced waistline, then select a short fitted jacket. Jackets should be present in any basic wardrobe for the simple reason that they are combined with pants, skirts, jeans, dresses, shirts, tops.

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Trench coat and cardigan

Trench( trench coat) is a double-breasted cloak with an average length. Trunks can be short or have a maxi-length. This thing must be present in the base wardrobe, because the classic trench is never out of fashion. It is ideal in the off-season, when the weather is not established, it can be combined with any clothing. Moreover, the trench coat is a very convenient and versatile thing that you can put on anywhere.

You can buy a sweater instead of a trench, it will all depend on your personal preferences, however, every girl should have a similar basic classic, warm, elegant piece of clothing.

It's better to buy a classic button-type cardigan, which has an average length, which can be worn on a shirt, top or independently.

He can help you out in the cold or on a fresh spring evening.

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Classic shoes

Similar shoes just have to be present in your wardrobe. It is advisable that there are two types: boats for the evening( black, high-heeled leather, lacquered or nubuck, to which an evening handbag-clutch made from the same material is matched) and for each day( preferably beige on a low heel with selectedunder them accessories, say, a handbag, a scarf, gloves or a belt).

The importance of such shoes is difficult to underestimate. They make the leg visually already slimmer, never look massive and fit almost any style of clothing.

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Required accessories

Accessories are not the last place in creating a style. It's shoes, and a variety of jewelry, as well as your hair and your mood, which reflects the state of mind. All this together creates a unique image. In case if you walk in the same strict suit for ten days in a row, but add to it every day, then a new purse, then a scarf, complement it with different shoes, etc., then the surrounding people will feel that you are dressed todayquite differently, not the same as yesterday, that no day - then a new outfit.

Do not forget that shoes are a very important part of our wardrobe. It needs to be given special attention, it is not worth saving here. Let you wear an inexpensive blouse or pants, but shoes should be perfect. It is not recommended to wear it for longer than four days in a row, becausefrequent socking can worsen her condition and adversely affect the health of her legs.

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When choosing any clothes for your wardrobe, pay attention to its quality. The fabric should not be stretched and have a faded shade, the seams should be neat and even, perfectly treated. In order to check the product for a defect, it should be folded in half, this will help to ensure its symmetry.

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