Comparison of the best breast pumps

The right choice of a breast pump will save a young mother from pain and discomfort, and also will not create discomfort in the process of straining the milk. On the contrary, a wrong decision can lead to a waste of money or constant torment during use. Therefore, we offer you a rating of the best breast pumps.

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  • AVENT Philips hand-held 330/20
  • Medela Harmony
  • Chicco
  • World of Childhood
  • Medela Swing Maxi
  • Philips AVENT SCF332 / 01
  • Medela Mini Electric
  • Medela Freestyleelectronic
  • Nuk E-motion
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Manual or electrical

First you need to understand what type of mechanism is suitable for specific cases.

The principle of operation of all devices is the same: in the area of ​​the nipple and areola creates a vacuum that facilitates the separation of milk from the breast.

The main difference is the way to create a vacuum.

The manual mechanism operates on the force applied by the hands or feet( pressing the pedal).If you plan to use it infrequently( once or twice a week), the process will not take much time. If you have large breasts or you need to decant daily, this type of apparatus will not work.

In the latter case, it is necessary to stop the choice of the mechanism, which is driven by an electric motor. Among such breast pumps there is its own gradation: they are with analog and digital control. The first work in one rhythm, the latter are able to change the speed, imitating breast sucking( for this they are called two-phase).Certainly, comfort and efficiency are higher in the newest developed models, but one should not think that simple and inexpensive options are not worth attention: it all depends on the frequency of straining and your individual characteristics.

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How to choose

Stop the choice on an electric breast pump if there is a need to quickly drain the milk into a bottle.

Manual adjustment requires more time and effort, so it is convenient only if you are sitting at home with your child.

When buying a machine, you should pay attention to all the components of the kit: how many containers are included, what additional details the manufacturer offers.

Do not ignore the warranty card: the availability and warranty lines should be specified in the store.

An important point is also the convenience in washing and sterilizing the device, the details of which are specified in the instructions.

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All devices for straining, available in the domestic market, are designed to make life easieryoung mothers. You need to understand which option is right for you. Below is a list of the most popular models.

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AVENT Philips manual 330/20

Mechanical design, the design of which allows you to filter milk with one hand, sitting in any position. The velvety coating of the massage nozzle contributes to relaxation and a better inflow of milk. It is convenient for periodic use at home.

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Medela Harmony

The only mechanical device equipped with a two-phase decontamination function, providing a fast inflow of fluid with the help of additional stimulation. Provides the possibility of a fairly rapid expression of breast milk, although not an electrical device.

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Tommee Tippee Сloser to Nature

Mechanical device with silicone massage rings. Easy to assemble and sterilize. The kit includes a milk storage system that allows you to express immediately into a special container.

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Italian mechanical installation with a special valve that regulates the intensity of work. Allows you to pick up the pace, adjusting it for you. Silicone lining stimulates the mammary gland, and the ergonomic handle allows you not to exert too much effort.

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World of Childhood

Mechanical adaptation of the domestic manufacturer, due to which it wins in price against foreign brands. The principle of operation is standard. The disadvantage is the difficulty in sterilization, as well as noise, which appears a few weeks after the start of operation.

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Medela Swing Maxi

Electronic device for home use, providing fast sucking of milk. The market presents variations of models for one or two mammary glands. The device supports several power levels, on which the speed or softness of the expression depends. The disadvantage of this device is the price, several times higher than the cost of mechanical devices.

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Philips AVENT SCF332 / 01

Electronic design, which, in addition to the two-phase decoding and regulation of its intensity, is a function of memorizing a rhythm that suits you, which subsequently reproduces on your own. A disadvantage is the absence of a model sucking out of two breasts, and also a high price, compared with the simpler ones.

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Medela Mini Electric

Electronic breast pump providing quick and comfortable straining due to the fact that one hand is involved in the process. It differs in its simplicity of cleaning and mobility due to its small size. On other parameters is not inferior to the models described above.

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Medela Freestyle electronic

This silent two-phase device is recognized as the smallest of all presented on the market. With its help, you can express the fluid immediately from both mammary glands. Information about the process flow is displayed on a special screen, and the optimum intensity of the vacuum is also memorized. The main advantage over such models is the freedom of both hands during expression.

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Nuk E-motion

Compact electricmechanism, suitable for straining with one hand. Convenient in transportation and cleaning through simplicity and thoughtful design. Buy stands with bottles for expressed liquid, because they are not included with the device.

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Natalia, 28, Irkutsk:

"I was advised in the maternity manual AVENT Philips. I did not need to express milk very often, so I was satisfied with the purchase. Indeed, it is much easier than using the grandfather method manually. True, anyone who has serious problems with decanting is probably better off buying electric: I would not use it every day. "

Catherine, 23, Klin:

"I would advise the electric. My mother-in-law gave Freestyle, having saved from unreal torments: the milk began to arrive, the breast did not hurt. I myself would not allow myself such pleasure, I was going to buy a manual one. If you assume that you'll use one or two times, buy something cheaper, and if there are problems, Freestyle recommend. "

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