With what to wear a leather jacket

Today, special leather accents deserve leather jackets. Along with jeans, this is perhaps the only thing to wear in the last fifty years has always been considered fashionable. But, despite the long history of this element of the wardrobe with the flow of fashion, the old question always arises: what is fashionable to combine a leather jacket with? The answer to it you will find below.

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The styles of this product are not so much. Highlight the classic cut, when the jacket is sewn in the manner of the jacket and in many ways resembles an outwardly classic jacket. Sitting such a jacket will be best, and its standard length to the middle of the thigh line will fit any type of figure.

In addition to classics, there are short styles, where the length of the jacket varies from the waist line and up to the bust line.

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Now such shortened models are very popular. Their varieties include asymmetric truncated models, where the jacket can be shortened as soon as the front or just behind.

I deserve special attention for the jackets made in certain styles, for example, in the style of rock, sports, cowboy, gothic and so on.

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With what to wear

Classic cut is best combined with trousers of many models. Ideal is the choice of narrowed trousers, jeans, leggings or jeggings. Suits the classic and under the dress of loose or light fabrics.

On the second place are dresses of different styles. But the choice of a jacket under a dress has one rule: the waist line on the dress should be approximately at the same level with the waistline on the jacket.

So, if the dress with an overstated waist, then the jacket should be a short model.

For jackets in a sporty style, loose trousers, strapped at the ankles, long skirts made of lightweight fabrics, mini skirts in the form of a trapezoid and so on are suitable.

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Color combination

Black leather jacket can be worn with almost any color ensemble, but in this image there should not be more than three or four colors. For example, a red board-case, plus black shoes, plus a gold waist belt and a gold clutch, plus a kurt. Or such an example: a blue jumper, light pearl pants, black shoes and a jacket.

Under the red jacket it is necessary to choose a quiet ensemble, built on contrast. For example, a white blouse, coffee-colored trousers with milk plus a red jacket and an accent in make-up and manicure( red lipstick and lacquer).Or a gray oversize dress, tight black pantyhose, black ankle boots and a dark red jacket.

Brown is currently the most popular color for this product. It fits very well with a palette of blue, red, white, brown, pink, green and light blue.

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