Methods of swaddling a newborn baby

Twenty years ago, it was difficult to imagine a newborn baby crumb, dressed in sliders, blouse and socks. The little man looked more like a worm tightly wrapped in a diaper. But time does not stand still, and today, going to the hospital, future mothers already take with them not diapers, and body and small pants for future kids.

  • Swaddling options
  • With handles
  • With head
  • Without handles
  • Pros
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Swaddling options

Before proceeding to the process itself, it is important to understand how to swaddle the newborns correctly. Previously, the only correct was considered a tight swaddle, in which the legs and arms of the baby straightened, and he was all wrapped around tightly with a diaper.

Now there are studies proving that this kind of swaddling is extremely harmful, since it not only retards the motor development of the child, but also leads to increased nervousness and excitability.

Priority today is a free swaddling, when the baby, if desired, can move the handles and legs, even while in diapers.

There are several basic ways of changing: with handles, with the head, without handles.

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With handles

  1. We lay the kid on the expanded diaper;
  2. The right edge of the diaper is held under the left handle of the baby and we put it behind our back;
  3. Turn the crumbs around the left edge of the diaper;
  4. Straighten and raise to the level of the baby's elbows the lower edge of the diaper;
  5. We envelop the child with the raised edge and fix it.
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  1. head We put the crumb on the diaper so that its upper edge is higher than its head;
  2. We turn the diaper from two sides down at the level of the temples of the baby, forming a kind of kerchief;
  3. Next, we perform all the same actions as when swaddling with handles.

Usually so swaddle the kids for a walk. Over this diaper, the child is wrapped in a warm blanket or blanket.

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Without handles

  1. We put the baby on the expanded diaper so that its upper edge is at the level of the armpits;
  2. Wrapping the left side of the breast of a crumb, hold it under the right handle and behind the back, fill it up;
  3. Right edge for the backrest under the left handle;
  4. Raise the expanded lower edge at the level of the child's belt, wrap it around and fix it.

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  • Helps to calm the crumbs by serving as a kind of house in which it is warm, cozy and comfortable, contributes to the gradual adaptation to the conditions of a new life.
  • Helps the baby to calmly and independently sleep, without lifting the handle from a loud sound and without opening it. In the rest of the time, the crumb can be in clothes and without diapers.
  • Saves money, because in the first weeks and months, babies are growing very actively. Diapers - a universal option for the first time, because a few pieces will last for 5-6 months.
Tables for determining the sizes of clothes for newborns and toddlers up to 2 years old
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  • Not suitable for babies who have muscle tone disorder, which occurs in newborns more often. In this case, the crumb does not really feel comfortable when its movements are constrained.
  • Diaper deprives the child of the opportunity to sleep on the tummy.
  • Tight swaddling brakes the development of infant's motor functions, it can be squeezed by the lungs, and as a result, blood circulation will decrease.
  • In the hot season, a swaddled baby can easily overheat it, which can trigger the onset of diaper dermatitis.
  • It can be inconvenient for a young mother, who is difficult to master the swaddling science;
  • Diapers deprive parents of access to the body, sometimes it's only during sleep that you can cut the toddler's nails and perform other manipulations.

Until how many months the baby is swaddled directly depends on its nature and developmental features.

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