4 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

For the fourth year of a joint life, the couple have learned to understand each other from a half-word, the relationship is stronger than ever. To maintain feelings during this period, it is very important to have family traditions. Thoroughly prepare wedding greetings for 4 years of the wedding. And to think up what is better to give to spouses, you can, having learned what kind of wedding.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

The people of the fourth anniversary of the wedding is called Linen, Verevozhnaya or Wax wedding.

In Germany, for example, the fourth anniversary is called the Amber wedding, and in Denmark - Silk.

The names of the holidays our ancestors always gave with a certain subtle meaning:

  1. Lin was always perceived as a strong and reliable material, wax, on the contrary, pliable and flexible.
  2. Flax and wax are like family relationships, where softness and diplomacy play a major role.

If the couple has passed the stage in four years, the rest of the life of the spouse will live in the soul.

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How to celebrate

To celebrate Linen wedding is best in the circle of close friends and relatives. The anniversary celebration scenario can be different, for example:

  1. Spend a themed party "Alice in Wonderland", dressing guests in intricate suits made of linen.

  2. Arrange a dinner party, guests can wear exquisite dresses and classic costumes. Set calm music, light candles.
  3. You can have a romantic date. A unique holiday can be held if the festive table is organized on the roof of your house or on the veranda. You will remember this adventure for many more years.
History has presented many different traditions of celebrating Linja wedding.

Some of them can be borrowed for their celebration:

  • In olden days, my wife presented her husband with a handmade linen, which was embroidered with floral patterns. The sheet had as many flowers as the husband deserved.
  • On the fourth anniversary of the wedding, the wife sewed her husband a shirt, but did not take measurements. It was an examination of how well a wife knows her husband well.
  • It was on the fourth anniversary of the wedding that the bride received a chest as a gift from her godfather, and from the godmother - her own linen product.
  • Saying wedding greetings, the guests showered "newlyweds" with linseed and candy.
  • The wedding table of the couple was decorated with linen figurines, which, after the celebration, they kept in the house for a year, and then burned.
  • During the celebration, the couple were tightly tied to the chairs with linen ropes. If the couple did not manage to get out - this was considered a good sign.
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A gift for the wife

At the linen wedding, the wife should be presented with exquisite linen products. The ideal gift will be:

  • sundress;
  • skirt;
  • suit;
  • shirt;
  • linen handbag;
  • cosmetic bag;
  • purse;
  • ornaments with linen thread;
  • gold earrings, packed in a linen pouch;
  • candle holders;
  • set of candles;
  • cosmetics made with the use of beekeeping products.

Best of all, present your gift during a romantic dinner, cook it yourself. And, of course, use a lot of candles.

Attach even a small floret of flax to your gift. A gift for four years of the wedding from the guests can serve:

  • sets of towels;
  • lace-covered bedspreads;
  • curtains;
  • bedding set;
  • painting painted on canvas;
  • linen napkins;
  • of the tablecloth.
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What to give to her husband

When choosing a gift, it is worth starting from the symbol of the fourth anniversary - flax, and do not forget about the hobby of the spouse. A good gift for a husband can be:

  • linen shirt with hand embroidery;
  • warm plaid;
  • tapestry cloth;
  • portrait;
  • robe;
  • master class in art school.
  • loading. ..

A wonderful addition to the gift will be a thing made by yourself, for example, a linen bag for glasses or a phone.

You can decorate it with embroidery. As a pleasant addition, write to your husband "one hundred reasons" for what you love him.

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The fourth wedding is an important event in the family of the newlyweds, and beautiful poems with the anniversary of the wedding will not only please the couple, but also perfectly complement any gift:

Reliable, lasting flax
Symbol of joyful times
Honeymooners for four -
All the years lived in the world,
In love, in the aspirations to accept,
Forgive, understand, agree,
Find each other's approach,
In the family start to bear income.
Linen wedding at the doorstep -
You together a long road!
With the wedding of linen, with the anniversary of the fourth!
We congratulate you, we wish you in the house -
Happiness, love, goodness and luck,
And children's laughter to you in addition!
More fun, coziness, smiles,
Health and eternal family spring!
Let everything work out fun, easy!
And let all your dreams come true!
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